Our legends, your legends...

Team ZEN8 is the first ever streamer organisation in Sweden and is represented by Emil "CartmenS" Söderberg, Gustav "Kronvall" Kronwall, Jonas "iipog" Eriksson & Joel "Orb" Kumlin. The organisation was founded in late 2018 and it's core purpose is to be a helping hand to our streaming team in their content creating, every day businesses and more.

Emil "CartmenS" Söderberg

CartmenS joined Team ZEN8 as one of the first streamers for the team at the Summer 2018. He comes from a background of variety gaming since he was a kid and started streaming late 2014. Since then he’s been known as a full-time variety streamer on Twitch within the Swedish community.

CartmenS is a love worthy, humble person who always wants what’s best for his community. As a variety streamer he plays oldschool to newschool games such as Heroes of Might and Magic to Rocket League as well as a lot of cooking shows and IRL streams.

Joel "Orb" Kumlin

"I've been doing this gig for quite some time, which kinda makes me old in a way, kinda makes me like the grandpa of the scene... Which I don't know if I like, but it's the way it is" says Orb. Orb is our oldest and most experienced streamer in the team. He took off back in 2011 with his awesome Call of Duty-plays and charming YouTube-videos. He then moved over to Twitch to do exactly the same thing, charm his viewers with awesome plays in a highly competitive environment.

When he's not in-front of the camera, you can spot Orb at the local gym, at international gaming-events and eating tons of food!


Jonas "iiPOG" Eriksson

iiPOG joined Team ZEN8 late 2018 and is well-known for his GTA RP content in the Swedish community. Apart from his RP content he streams DayZ and IRL streams as well. He has a very humble personality that always bring laughter and joy to his followers.

iiPOG started streaming on a part-time basis in late 2017 until 2018 when everything took off while streaming GTA RP. At events you will find him making friends with everyone at the local bar.

Gustav "Kronvall" Kronvall

Kronvall is another of our old-time streamers at Twitch who started streaming late 2012 and continued doing so part-time until 2017 when everything took off for him and have since then been streaming full-time. A streamer known for his cringy and banter content on the platform both on IRL streams and while playing games.

A charming and loving person who is hard to not love and always looks out for what’s best for his community. Up to this date he’s a bit of a variety streamer but mostly focus on games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA RP and of course IRL streams.